Disney Sought Him Out to Turn his Greatest Dream (EPCOT Center) into Reality

He was involved in licensing programs that generated billions of dollars in revenue, such as the Smurfs and the Dancing Raisins

He claimed to know Hollywood's "Real Money-Making Secret"... and he should have, he was personally involved in much of it.

His name was Ken Kerr.

Ken worked "behind the curtains" to engineer the success of many of the great market winners in the past 30 years. 

You will recognize some his projects: the Smurfs, the Wuzzles, the Gummi Bears, Paw Paws, Precious Moments, Tiny Toons, the Dancing Raisins, and many others.  While employed at Disney, he was instrumental in the development of Epcot Center and their Tokyo theme park.  He was involved with the Olympics and Sea World to help create some of the largest marketing achievements in recent history. 

Ken was part of the inner-circle of an industry called licensing.  Though licensing is rarely talked about, it is an insanely profitable business and has created some of today's largest fortunes.

What is Licensing? In a nutshell, licensing is a different way of thinking about the use of "intellectual property" - which is the legal term for someone's idea.  Whether it's a patent, trademark, or original work like a film, book, cartoon, or video game - licensing provides a framework to unite the owners of these ideas with the people who know how to sell them. 

This is an industry that is responsible for billions -- that's right, I did say billions -- of profits each year.  And very few who really know about it are willing to talk.

Ken really knew - and this website offers a last glimpse into the licensing world through Ken's eyes.

Licensing Secrets of the Pros

To put it into his own words, Ken knew "Hollywood's Real Money-Making Secret".  He certainly should have -- he was the creative and marketing mastermind behind a lot of their huge successes. Many of the ideas he worked with were directly responsible for generating billions of dollars in licensing revenue.

This is the story of how Ken discovered the secrets behind the vast fortunes made by the Hollywood motion picture studios.

Ken's story

In the early 1970's Ken was a young art director working for a very successful advertising agency in Hollywood, California - Group West, Inc. The agency specialized in advertising for motion pictures and did work for all the major movie and television studios.

Press releases, posters, billboards, TV ads, radio spots, etc.  Ken's firm offered the full range of advertising and creative services.

Ken was one of California's top graphic designers and a distinguished fine artist as well

Ken was privy to the numbers.  He could see that about the time a movie began to make money, the studio would take the profit and ask Ken's firm to create a new campaign for Central and South America. When the movie was ready to make a profit in Central or South America, the studio would take the money and start a new promotion for Europe. When the film was profitable in Europe, they would take the money and do the same in Asia . . . well you get the idea.

Ken became very curious. Every time a movie just started to make money, the studio would spend the earnings doing ads for another country. If that was true, how did they continue to reap their huge profits?

It was about that time that the Walt Disney Company made Ken an offer he couldn't refuse. They bought him out of his agency and moved him over to Walt Disney Imagineering -- the brain trust behind all of the Disney theme parks.

His position was to head up the creative teams in development of Walt Disney's greatest dream -- EPCOT Center.

For the first time he was an "insider". One of his responsibilities was to work hand-in-hand with the legal division of Disney, in the creation as well as the protection of the Disney logos, characters, trademarks, and copyrights. Since he was responsible for the creative development of new characters, trademarks, and logos for EPCOT Center, he had a ringside seat to the secrets behind the financial horsepower of Disney's licensing and merchandising operation.

Ken Kerr, opening day of Epcot Center October 1st, 1982

That's where Ken learned the real power of licensing - what it really is, how Disney used it to make a fortune, and how to identify and take control of million-dollar licensing opportunities.

Moreover, he saw how simple it was to leverage the power of a great idea across a worldwide marketplace, while maintaining complete control of the idea's cash flow.

Let's return to an example that everyone knows about -- Hollywood.  In the motion picture industry, some movies break even, some lose money, and a few make millions (those are the ones you hear about). But the studios all make millions, even billions, on the licensing and merchandising of their logos, trademarks and characters.

Why is licensing so integral to their success?

  • Licensing multiplies the resources available to the developers of intellectual property

  • Licensing creates teams of willing professionals to work on, develop, produce and market the intellectual property

  • Licensing provides access to new streams of money that are otherwise unattainable

  • Licensing frees up "idea-people" to focus on what they're good at  -- which usually isn't marketing, product development, and manufacturing

  • Licensing (once you understand how it works) is pretty straightforward and just about anyone can do it

What do I mean by anyone?  For one, not just business owners can profit from these techniques.  Licensing can be lucrative for all types: creative people who provide the ideas, business people to promote the ideas and bring products to market, and agents to spot new opportunities and act on them!

A few years ago, Ken wrote down all of his insights and experiences from his days in the entertainment industry. There were two volumes:

  • Licensing - How Hollywood Made its Fortune, and...

  • Mouse Power, Ken's "back-window" look at the success of the Disney Empire

In the months before he passed away in 2003, Bridgeworks Publishing was working with Ken to update these powerful books.  Now, through an exclusive licensing arrangement with his estate, we are making available a newly updated edition of Ken's works: the Licensing Secrets of the Pros package.

These manuals are packed with fundamental, "tell-all" information and should be on the desktop of everyone who is operating or interested in the licensing industry.

Now I know you're probably skeptical - that's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons that you should want the information in these books:

Three Reasons to Believe that Ken is the Real Deal

Reason one: Walt Disney sought Ken out to design and develop his greatest dream - EPCOT Center . As if that wasn't enough, he went on to create Tokyo Disneyland, the new Fantasyland at Disneyland in California, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. His contributions at Disney were vital to the success that they experienced during those years.

Ken in his office at Disney Immagineering

Reason two: Thousands of people have paid $3000, $5000, even up to $7500 to hear Ken present his marketing and licensing secrets at seminars. People don't pay that kind of hard-earned money to listen to useless information. You have to deliver a ton of hard-hitting, money-making, honest, valuable, step-by-step information. If he didn't deliver, he would have been bankrupt overnight with refund requests.

Reason three: Ken pioneered a retail-marketing concept that has recently led to more than $2 billion in wholesale sales. He developed merchandising programs that multiplied the sales volume of a medium-sized gift company by more than 1000% in less than 24 months. Even before the Internet craze, Ken used his approach directly with clients who paid $25,000 to $50,000 for these secrets. Why? Because they used them to make a fortune!

Now it could be your turn...

Are You Ready to Learn
Hollywood's Real Money-Making Secret"

Nowhere else will you find this eye-opening information -- it's the product of more than twenty years and tens of thousands of dollars Ken spent discovering and perfecting these methods and techniques.

Here are some of the 'inside secrets' you'll discover in Ken's Licensing manual:

  • What exactly is licensing and the secrets of making it work for you...

  • How to protect your idea, your copyright, your patent, or your trademark...

  • How to make your (or anyone's) idea licensable...

  • The 11 biggest licensing mistakes almost everybody makes, and how to avoid them...

  • 10 ways to develop a "licensing mindset" that will have you on the lookout to be the first to profit from new ideas...

  • Ken's two key reasons why people buy - and how to get them to buy from you instead of a competitor...

  • Insider tips and tricks to make your licensing efforts at least twice as effective...

  • The marketing side of licensing - where the profits are turned into fortunes...

  • A simple system for negotiating the terms of a "killer" licensing deal...

  • The "Pet Rock Syndrome" and how to avoid it...

  • Why getting a trademark, patent, or copyright attorney involved in your idea too soon is sure to kill your deal -- and how to make sure that never happens...

  • How to structure your licensing deal so everyone wins...

  • How to find the right companies and contacts...

  • How to capitalize on anyone's idea, anytime, anywhere...

  • Why it's better for you not to be an artist or designer -- and the secret to hiring them "dirt cheap!"...

  • How to determine if your invention will sell...

  • How to know when to manufacture your invention yourself...

  • How to discover if a working model of your invention is needed - or if a sketch do...

  • How to have companies bidding for your invention...

  • Why sometimes getting a patent is a "bad" idea...

  • And, a lot more.

In Ken's Licensing manual alone, you will get over 300 pages of non-stop, no-holds-barred, step-by-step information, tricks, secrets, strategies, and systems. You can use these techniques to make a fortune in any business -- whether you're a corporate giant like AT&T or a one-man business operating out of a garage (that's how Walt Disney and Apple Computer got started)!

Ken's second volume, Mouse Power, delves into the marketing side of the business with an inside look into his days as Disney.  You'll become A "Marketing Insider" (and learn why you need to be one).

Marketing is the engine that drives any business, profession, or organization --including your licensing business. And with the insider's perspective, you'll know exactly how to make a fortune in your licensing business - or any business, profession, or field of endeavor you choose.

NOTE: Licensing is really a function of marketing - they work hand-in-hand.  The more you understand about good marketing principles, the faster you'll make a fortune in licensing.

Mouse Power tells about the genius of Disney's marketing from an insider's perspective. This step-by-step guide gives you the "keys" to unlock the secrets of Walt Disney to turn your new product, idea, invention, technique or business into a GOLD MINE! This money-making marketing manual alone has sold for $495.00 at seminars.  Now, Bridgeworks is offering an opportunity to get all of Ken's work at a fraction of that price.

There are dozens of specific examples and cash-creating tips in this manual that you can start profiting from right away. For example, you'll learn:

  • Direct marketing techniques that can flood your business with new customers (More than one of Ken's client's had to stop using one technique you'll learn, because they were overwhelmed with new customers!)...

  • How to develop an in-house mailing list that pulls 20%-50% response every time you use it...

  • How to calculate exactly what a new customer or client is worth to you--and how to decide exactly how much you can afford to spend to get him or her to buy from you...

  • How marketing pros make their prospects an offer they can't refuse...

  • 53 ways to get your message across to your hottest prospects -- and selecting the most profitable way(s) for you...

  • Ken's favorite techniques for creating advertising that sells...

  • A little-used, almost foolproof 4-step plan for outselling your competition everytime...

  • How to create your own market-winning product over a short weekend...

  • How to sell to more customers in a day than you could personally meet in a year...

  • The wisdom of multiple streams of income in today's market and what the fastest, easiest income stream you can add to your business is (anyone can do it!)

  • And, of course, much more.

Many marketing and advertising executives wish we would take both of these manuals off the market permanently. They say Ken made them so good, it allows people to work for themselves rather than hiring a pro. Ken truly did make it very easy for you to demand maximum performance from your licensing, advertising and marketing dollars. You can save lots of money, time and grief by owning and using this powerful, insider information.

Marketing is the engine that drives any business, profession, or organization --including your licensing business. And with the insider's perspective, you'll know exactly how to make a fortune in your licensing business - or any business, profession, or field of endeavor you choose.

NOTE: Licensing is really a function of marketing - they work hand-in-hand.  The more you understand about good marketing principles, the faster you'll make a fortune in licensing.

Ken with Robert Allen in 2003

Dozens of clients (both large and small) gladly paid Ken $1000 an hour for licensing and marketing consultation. If you think this is a lot to pay for profit-making advice, then you might like to know that his clients--when they followed his advice--always ended up making a ton more money than his fee cost them.

You should too when you use the information in this step-by-step manual.

Ken was passionate about helping others make lots of money. He loved helping people solve problems and take advantage of profit opportunities. This special offer allows us to keep Ken's legacy alive in the marketing world - and it would be a shame to lose any of the unique wisdom from this veteran of the industry. 

To give you a picture of what working with Ken was like, here are a few notes from some of Ken's friends and business associates.

"I've known Ken for 10 years. I've used his marketing techniques and have built three successful companies each one progressively worth more than the last totaling about 10 million dollars. Without Ken I never would have discovered how important the world of licensing is. Licensing is where the real money is. You must understand what licensing is and what it isn't and Ken is the person who can reveal all the information you need to know to enjoy the lifestyle you want. The best part is that I have helped other people by recommending them to Ken too!"

Trudy Marschall
Executive Assistant to Mark Victor Hansen
Co-author, #1 New York Times Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Ken Kerr is a marketing genius. His licensing secrets system gives you proven insider strategies that are easy to use and will help you create breakthrough results like magic. What I love most about it is that licensing is a fun, exciting way to leverage your skills and create passive income."

Denise M. Michaels
Co-founder "The Rich Living Institute"

"It's been my experience that successful people are hungry for new knowledge. If you want to be successful in business, you need to understand marketing. If you're looking to start a business, licensing is a huge opportunity. For either licensing or marketing you'll be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable resource than Ken Kerr. He's the genuine article and delivers the goods."

Lanny Goodman
Management Technologies, Inc.
Five-time speaker at the Inc. 500 Conference

"Ken is a entrepreneur's dream. I have found I can always depend on Ken because we can trust him to deliver highly-profitable result-producing advice. In today's world we all want high-value content which we can immediately apply to improve our careers and businesses. That is exactly what Ken gives us 100% of the time, every time."

Lori Prokop
Senior Group Publisher
Best Seller Publishing, Inc.

Bridgeworks Publishing has been granted a exclusive license to update and distribute Ken's remaining works.  As far as we know, this is the entire collection of Ken's writings. 

In summary, here is what we have to offer:

  • Licensing - How To Make Millions the Hollywood Way! - This is Ken's definitive work on the business of licensing intellectual property.  It tells how to make a fortune from every side of a licensing relationship. 

  • Mouse Power - The Million Dollar Marketing Secrets of the Magic Kingdom - Learn the secrets that Ken discovered during his days at Disney.  Mouse Power contains a lot of core marketing principles from seasoned veterans - and a "behind-the-scenes" look at what goes into presenting the Disney theme parks to the world.

  • The Secret to Disney Creativity - Brainstorming and Storyboarding the Right Way - You'll get the exact system that was the "heart and soul" of Ken's creative process.  This will assist you in the creation of all your million dollar ideas, with 153 Brainstorming Techniques you can use to hone your million-dollar ideas like the top pros do. Here you'll learn the secret brainstorming techniques that the most successful companies in Hollywood use. You can use these same techniques to generate hundreds of breakthrough ideas for your licensing business. Just one of these ideas can make you rich!

  • The Hollywood Insider's Marketing Plan Template & Questionnaire - This never-before-published system has been implemented in over 50 major American companies -- and has even been attributed to a 500% increase in the bottom line of one firm.

  • Direct Mail & Direct Response Advertising Techniques by T.E. Mudry - This 120 page guide was written a number of years ago by T.E. Mudry, one of the most respected direct-marketing minds in history. Because it was one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use pieces Ken had ever read, when Mr. Mudry retired Ken bought the rights to his book.  Direct mail is as big a winner today as it ever was.  After all, the cost of postage may have increased but, thanks to the Internet craze luring the competition away, so has the effectiveness of good, old-fashioned direct mail!

  • 201 Proven Ways to Make People Pay Attention to Your Marketing Message - This was in essense Ken's 'swipe file'. In other words, these are Ken's 201 favorite headlines from a lifetime in advertising. Americans are assaulted with over 2700 advertising messages a day. This valuable report contains over 200 attention-grabbers that can be adapted to use with your business to make prospective customers pay attention to your message and not your competition's.

Bridgeworks is now able to offer you All Five of Ken's works for the low price of $99.  Our initial plan, developed with Ken, was to sell this exact package for $299 and include 30 minutes of consulting.  With Ken's passing, we have had to develop a new offer and feel that $99 is a very good deal. 

Please note that this truly is a limited-time offer.  Our license with Ken's estate is for a fixed period - when it expires these titles may go away forever. Plus, if you order right now, Bridgeworks Publishing has agreed to issue the following guarantee.


100% money-back guarantee for 12 full months. Review this information for up to ONE FULL YEAR -- AT OUR RISK! If it hasn't proven it's worth many times over, we don’t want your money.  Return it for a full refund, no-questions-asked.

That is the best promise I can provide for you.  I hope that you take me up on it. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about Ken Kerr - a seasoned veteran from a secret industry. 


Lanny Goodman, CEO
Bridgeworks Publishing Inc.